Pleasure to meet you, we are Agnė and Monika. Our friendship has started a while ago and friendship sometimes leads not only to a good time together but also to a common activities and new ideas. Like many women we are always looking for best value for money and kids’ clothes have been either expensive or poor quality. With George clothes we found a perfect match: good quality, reasonable price and beautiful products. This discovery led us to create this website. Our search is not over yet and we continue looking what else we could offer you which would be of quality and suitable for you. And before introducing these products on the website we test them ourselves; we wear, wash, dry and repeat it many times  We do our best not to disappoint you so if you have any suggestion or ideas, please drop us a message! 

Recently we discovered another producer who can offer really good price and impeccable quality, they are GARNAMAMA from Ukraine. Translated it means – good mother. These clothes are an original design, made of 100% cotton, 220g. per sq.m. (knitwear is not as thin as paper, though can easily cope washing, drying in a dryer with a bare minimum shrinkage). Ukrainian designers really did their job so the little ones will look playful, colorful and cheerful. We welcome you to try it out!